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When you are planning to travel to Australia for the purposes like spending holidays, recreation or paying a visit to your family or friends other than business or medical treatment, you need to apply for the Australian Subclass 600 Visitor Visa.

Your application needs to be filed outside Australia as you are residing outside Australia and in the same way you must be outside Australia for the visa to be granted.

Rules to be followed before you apply for the Aussies Visitor Visa:

  • First of all, it needs to be clear that If you are in Australia with a Visitor visa or a Working Holiday Visa, you are eligible to extend your stay in Australia up to 12 months or less than that.
  • In case, you have a Visitor or a Working Holiday Visa for your stay in Australia for 12 months, you are required to contact the nearest Australian Visa Office before applying another visa.
  • Now if you have a Tourist Visa subclass 676, it will be valid and effective for the period you were granted the visa for. Moreover, the same will come to an end if you are given a Visitor Visa (Subclass 600).
  • Needless to mention that you should not apply for this visa if you intend to visit for medical treatment or merely to transit through Australia.
  • In case of getting a new passport, you are required to get the new passport before you apply for your visa. It is imperative that you along with your family members must have valid passports prior to this visa to be granted.

Prepare Your Documents to Get Australia Visitor Visa

  • What makes your visa application one sure shot go is the documentation you prepare to prove the claims you make in the application. You will find the list of the documents in the Documents Checklist needed with your application.
  • It is advisable for you to keep all your documents ready prior to applying for the visa as some documents take more time to obtain. It will reduce the processing time of your application.
  • The visa granted to your under this category is merely a temporary visa. Hence it will be advisable for you prepare and provide additional documents if you belong to a country with high rate of Visitor Visa Non-compliance. It must be ascertained from your documents that your intention is to comply with the conditions of the visa.
  • What is unique about Orbit Australian Visitor Visa Services is that we, at Orbit Immigration, follow MNRR (Modified Non-Return Rate). MNRR is a statistical graph indicating the proportion of people from different countries visiting Australia on a Visitor Visa but fail to leave Australia before their visa expires as compared to that with the people with certain other visas granted during their stay in Australia.
  • Thus with sound working on MNRR, Orbit can help you know the likely compliance and the level of scrutiny applicable to your visa application.
  • Hence we insist our clients to provide the documents as outlined in the visa application to convince the concerned authority about your intention if you belong to a country with a high rate of Visitor visa non-compliance.