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The world is a beautiful place if you have sparkling eyes to catch the beauties and store them up in memories. Anyone who does not travel misses out on the joy of exploring the beauty of our wonderful world. The amusement of traveling and recording the travelling diaries has become a hobby to many nowadays. Whether it is travelling to a new destination to experience a new culture, or to explore the nature’s beauty, whether enjoying sights of scenic historic and modern eruptions and constrictions or to visit members of your family who live far away, or even to try your luck of finding a work through a visit to your dream country, travelling plays a vital role in all these subjects. And to travel, the first step is to know regarding the travel documents or visa of the destination country one wishes to travel. The experience of visiting a new place can leave you with memories that can last for a lifetime. Whether it is a trip to the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, or any other country, you can enjoy many scenically delightful places and fun-filled experiences on your visitor visa.

General Highlights

  • For those who wish to make a short visit to a new country for holiday or meeting family members or to go for a medical treatment
  • The Visitor visa application is a simple process and visitor visa can be easily obtained if applicant show a genuine reason to travel and visa application submitted with correctly documented visa file.
  • Visitor visa applicants are required to show sufficient funds to supporting themselves in destination country and a pre- arranged accommodation confirmed for their length of visa.
  • If required the applicants for visitor visas might be requested for a visa interview. In most cases interview is not required for visitor visa applications.
  • Most of the countries require biometric testing of the applicant when submitting visa application.
  • On visitor visa you can normally stay up to max of 180 days in most of the countries but for EU countries the max stay allowed is 90 days for a single trip.